We’ll Go All In Against the Brotherhood of Mutants!

Artist Mark Eastwood‘s “Uncanny Cards” take us to the river and give us a flop full of mutants! Go check them out: Wolverine is spearing a tiny heart, Nightcrawler’s buckling a swash, and Cyclops is using his laser eyebeams to make Jean feel bad about herself! Um, probably. Eastwood has tackled other pop cultural icons, but these cards may be our favorite of his work so far. Although we do have two questions! First: why no Gambit? And second: are these cards already energized throwable weapons that can be used in battle with Magneto, or is that something we’d have to specifically request if we ordered a set?

Morning Roundup brings you a tale of clocks mistaken for bombs, metaphorical shag carpeting, and plutonium sales gone wrong.




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