Rowsdower Wonders if There’s Beer In the Carpet

Check out the DragonCon Marching MSTies! This photo was shared by one Wendy Kilgore Gaines (Mr. B. Natural), and we’re incredibly happy we got to see it. Now if we have this right, in addition to Mr. B there are three TV’s Franks, three Crows, two Dr. Forresters, one Servos, one Brain Guy, and one passed-out Rowsdower. (We assume Larry Csonka was the one taking the photo.) That’s a fantastic array of MST3K in one place! You can can see more of the Marching MSTies cosplay on parade on their Facebook page, and we’re guessing that if you happen to have an old Torgo outfit in the back of your closet, they might welcome you into their fold come next DragonCon.

Morning Roundup takes you on a quick jaunt around the multiverse, get unreasonably excited about a Preacher poster, and celebrates the nerdery of Key & Peele!



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