Imperator Furiosa Cosplayer Gets Working Prosthetic Arm

No surprise, Mad Max: Fury Road has inspired all manner of cosplay; but this one, from DragonCon, is especially emotional. You might remember Laura Vaughn, a left-arm transradial amputee who posted about why Imperator Furiosa was an utterly perfect character to her. Since her Tumblr post went viral, she’s cosplayed as Furiosa at various cons—and then she met Michelle Sleeper, who makes replica props. Sleeper’s original plan had been to build a T-800 Endo Arm as a real prosthetic, but once she met Vaughn, what could they do but recreate Furiosa’s prosthetic arm? You can read the whole saga on the Replica Props Forum (via io9), which culminates in photos like this one Norman Chan snapped of Vaughn at DragonCon. (Also check out Chan’s entire DragonCon cosplay gallery!)

Afternoon Roundup brings you the news (if not the synopsis) of a new Christopher Nolan film, another look into the depths of Black Mirror, and a wonderful Star Trek tribute!


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