Join Brandon Sanderson on His Mistborn Shadows of Self UK Tour

Gollancz has announced the dates for Brandon Sanderson’s UK tour for his new Mistborn novel Shadows of Self! Just a few days after Sanderson’s U.S. tour wraps up, he’ll be hopping across the pond for the UK leg. Shadows of Self will be available October 6; you can preorder it from iBooks in advance of Sanderson’s tour! Check out the dates below.

Friday, October 16
Manchester – Deansgate Waterstones @ 6 p.m. (tickets are £10)
The Gollancz Festival

Saturday, October 17
London – Picadilly Waterstones @ 2 p.m. (tickets are £10)
The Gollancz Festival

Monday, October 19
Forbidden Planet @ 1 p.m. (signing)
Shaftesbury Avenue

Shadows of Self US coverTuesday, October 20
Sheffield Waterstones @ 1 p.m. (signing)
Newcastle Waterstones @ 6:30 p.m. (talk and signing – tickets are £4)

Wednesday, October 21
Edinburg Waterstones @ 6 p.m. (talk and signing – tickets are £4)

Thursday, October 22
Leeds Waterstones @ 1 p.m. (signing)
Nottingham Waterstones @ 7 p.m. (in conversation with Bradley Beaulieu and Leigh Bardugo, and signing – tickets are £3)

Friday, October 23-Sunday, October 25

You can read the first three chapters of Shadows of Self here.


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