Registration is Open in The Land of Madmen, an Australian Wheel of Time Convention!

Australia is getting its own officially sanctioned Wheel of Time convention! It took a recent thread in one of the Facebook groups devoted to JordanCon—the annual convention founded in honor of Wheel of Time author Robert Jordan—polling the location of the 9,000+ attendees for organizers to realize that many fans hailed from Down Under. At JordanCon 2015, one of the fans asked Team Jordan for permission to start setting up a convention… and that’s how The Land of Madmen came to be!

Taking place in Sydney, Australia on September 26, the one-day inaugural Land of Madmen con is a trial run; however, the admins already intend to return next year. Their mission statement is short and sweet:

Our mission is to provide Australia with a comprehensive convention dedicated to Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. We aim to provide a convention that keeps all comfortable, but is not afraid to look deeper. Eventually, we aim to operate multiple events per year.

The convention will be held at Fitzroy Hall in Burwood. Doors open at 9:15 a.m., with activities beginning at 10 a.m. and wrapping up at 5 p.m. Programming includes arts and crafts workshops like chainmail making; seminars on Wheel of Time leadership and real-world influences on the series; an art show; a cosplay contest; then, dinner and trivia. The Guest of Honor for 2015 is Linda Taglieri, who runs the Wheel of Time blog The Thirteenth Depository.

Tickets are now available, with an early bird special lasting until September 11. If you have more questions about timing, food, or cosplay, check out the FAQ page! You can also get updates about the con on Facebook and Twitter.


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