My Neighbor…Chewie?

My Neighbor Totoro lends itself to mashups. The sweet innocence of Totoro and his relationship with Mei and Satsuki, his protective nature, his iconic snuggliness… it all combines to make him a natural fit for our mashup-loving culture. The good people over at Dorkly gathered up some of the best homages to the super sweet scene of Totoro and Satsuki waiting for the Catbus together. So who are Luke, Yoda, and My Neighbor Chewie waiting for? Is a Sarlaacbus on the horizon?

My Neighbor Toothless hangs out with Hiccup…wait, why are thy waiting for a bus? Wouldn’t they just fly?

My Neighbor Toothless

My Neighbor The Hulk is presumably keeping Cap company while he waits for the QuinnBus:

My Neighbor The Hulk

My Neighbor Hobbes waits with Calvin for some sort of TransmogrifierBus.

My Neighbor Hobbes

My Neighbor The Hound! Clearly, these two either get a DragonBus or a DirewolfBus. Either way, they win.

My Neighbor The Hound

And finally, My Neighbor Horrifying Skinless Titan:

My Neighbor Skinless Titan

Perhaps they’re waiting for the Horrifying Skinless Catbus to Junior High? Ewwww. You can see more amazing neighbors over at Dorkly!



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