Captain America: Civil War Teams (Maybe) Revealed

Comic book and sci-fi movie review vlogger Mr. Sunday Movies has reportedly scooped a look at the teams for the next Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War.

Mr. Sunday Movies states that the concept art revealing these teams is akin to a stereo that “fell off the back of the truck,” so take this information with many grains of salt. Still, even if they’re just cut-and-pastes from DeviantArt, it’s still fun to speculate on whether these should be the teams!

The short version: Marvel superheroes and villains are growing in number and doing things like making cities float in the sky, so naturally there is a push for them to be identified and registered with governing bodies. For various reasons, this creates a split in the normally unified Avengers, with some folks siding with anti-registration Captain America, and some siding with pro-registration Iron Man.


Team Iron Man:

Captain America Civil War team Iron Man

War Machine, Black Widow, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Vision join the registration side. Black Widow is a big surprise here, as while she was introduced to the MCU via Iron Man, her loyalties of late have been overwhelmingly with the folks on the anti-registration side. Perhaps she’s a double agent for Cap? Or herself? Natasha seems like the type who would let Tony and Steve punch it out while she works on a real solution.


Team Captain America:

Captain America Civil War team Captain America

Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Captain America, Falcon, and Winter Soldier make up the anti-registration side. The biggest surprise here seems to be Sharon Carter’s prominence in Cap’s Avengers. We knew she was in Civil War, but her role is apparently much larger than anticipated. (Although our first thought was that this is actually Mockingbird pictured, but Adrianne Palicki is not listed in the cast for the film.)


Where’s Scarlet Witch? Elizabeth Olsen has been present on set, so we know that the character is in the film. Perhaps she’s taken out early on? It’s still unknown what role Spider-Man will have in the upcoming fracases (Fracasi?), or whether Hulk will make a monstrous return. All three characters are heavy hitters, though, so perhaps they come in during the final act to show how this conflict can really REALLY get out of hand.


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