These Posters Bring Hollywood Glamour to The X-Files!

Pittsburgh-based graphic artist and designer J.J. Lendl began The X-Files Poster Project as a one-month exercise, but it’s ended up being such a success that he’s decided to keep it going! As you can see in this haunting poster for “One Breath,” Lendl draws on various visual influences to highlight the emotional core of an episode—in this case, Scully’s choice between life and death itself. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite posters, but he also takes suggestions!


Lendl turned to vintage travel posters for the “dreamy” look of “Ascension”:

Ascension by J.J. Lendl


Perhaps the most notorious episode of the show’s run, “Home”, gets a beautifully understated, 1970s-style horror poster:

Home by J.j. Lendl


And, speaking of the 1970s, here’s a poster for “Deep Throat” that references a slightly different genre:

Deep Throat by J.J. Lendl


“Die Hand Die Verletzt” homages the stuffing out of the iconic poster for Mario Bava’s Black Sunday:

Die Hand die Verletzt by J.J. Lendl


And finally, an appropriately quirky, Freaks-inspired poster for one of the best episodes ever, “Humbug”:

Humbug by J.J. Lendl


Having looked at all of these, we do have two requests. First, maybe The Lone Gunmen in the style of All the President’s Men? It would make them so happy. And the other one is more obvious: Where’s our souped-up “I Want to Believe” poster??

You can see more of Lendl’s work on his Tumblr!

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