Star Wars Is The Energy That Surrounds Us and Binds Us

We all know that Star Wars has been a hugely influential series. It sparked a new popular appreciation of science fiction, made Harrison Ford the single sexiest human who ever existed or shall exist (this is an Objective Fact; we will hear no back-sass), provided the foundation for George Lucas’ empire, and gave a generation of girls an intelligent, hyper-competent, generally awesome heroine to look up to. Now the good people at the Shutterstock Blog have teamed up with Pop Chart Lab to create an infographic that teases out even more ways that Star Wars has permeated our culture.

The entire chart is a thing of beauty. Click for ebmiggenable image below:


Click to enlarge!


We especially liked the link between Luke and Furiosa via a Cybernetic Prosthetic:

Star Wars Cybernetic Prosthetic

They also pointed out something we’d never thought of: was the half-finished Death Star a precursor to the DIY tech of Blade Runner and Back to the Future?

Star Wars Future Imperfect

And finally, there’s Leia. There were plenty of tough women scattered across sci-fi before, but had any ever been so central? While she starts as the personification of the Call to Adventure, it soon becomes clear that she’s her own hero, with her own quest. And after her? Well, here are a few of her daughters:

Star Wars Female Warrior

As great as this is, there are sure to be even more links between Star Wars and our pop culture saturated world. Tell us what they missed!

[via Mental Floss!]


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