The Wheel of Time Companion

The Wheel of Time Companion, Spin the Wheel #3 Entry: “Narg”

“Spin Wheel” series give readers chance for choose entries from The Wheel of Time Companion book before Narg eat it.

Narg good guy. Likes comment #15 from DavidW for selecting Narg. Put sword down. Read about Narg. He have Theater Production degree from Ithaca.

Narg have layers.


Narg — A smart Trolloc who could speak the human tongue. It had a wolf’s muzzle, goat hooves, ears that twitched incessantly and all-too-human eyes. Narg was one of those who attacked Tam’s farm; after Rand and Tam got away from the first attack, Narg played dead and waited until Rand returned. He told Rand that he would not hurt him, and that a Myrddraal was coming. Rand pre- tended to go along; when Narg lunged for him, Rand brought up Tam’s sword and impaled Narg.


We can’t find who made the great Narg meme up top, but we found it in this “Ask Narg!” Dragonmount thread.
Watch for more Wheel of Time Companion and Spin the Wheel coverage through this tag.


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