Get Swept Up in the Art of Mistborn!

The high-flying, coin-flinging, ashblown world of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series has always been an artist’s dream. The world has inspired both professional and fan artists to try to capture the action and drama inherent in the text. To keep that inspiration flowing, we’ve collected fanart and cover art for the Mistborn series, from Chris McGrath’s original covers to Marc Simonetti’s gorgeous triptych, culminating in the art for all three of Sanderson’s Wax and Wayne books, The Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, and Bands of Mourning.


Chris McGrath‘s Mistborn trilogy cover art



Vin by Reiyeka



Vin and Kelsier by Djamila Knopf



Vin Above Luthadel by mking2008


Steel Inquisitor by Webcomicfan

Steel Inquisitor by Michael Hamlett


Vin by slayrr

Vin by slayrr


Vin and Kelsier by Melia

Vin and Kelsier by Melia




Polish translation cover art by Dominik Broniek



Sazed by Alex Alan




Art by Ben McSweeney



Marc Simoneti‘s Mistborn triptych covers


Wax by Chronogate

Wax by Chris Pang


Allomancer Jak-Ben McSweeney

Allomancer Jak by Ben McSweeney



The Alloy of Law cover art by Chris McGrath



Shadows of Self cover art by Chris McGrath



The Bands of Mourning cover art by Chris McGrath



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