#StraightOutta Goes from Viral Marketing to Delightfully Geeky Meme

It’s likely that you’ve seen the poster for N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, which itself is a play on the music industry’s “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” label. Then Dr. Dre and the North Kingdom agency built on that joke by creating the #StraightOutta meme generator. The intent was for fans to insert their hometown, drumming up pride for where they came from.

Then the Internet got a hold of it, and the results turned just as geeky as you expected them to.

It’s pretty simple: You go to the website, enter a word or words into the generator, and upload a photo. Some stuck with the “Straight Outta [location]” convention, while others (like Facebook user Luke Palmer, who made us giggle with the Alien joke above) went way off the rails. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Hunger Games fansite Quarter Quell made perfect use of that Mockingjay photo of Katniss Everdeen on President Snow’s throne:

#StraightOutta geeky meme Katniss Everdeen District 12

BookRiot went the Bard’s route, taking care of all of Shakespeare’s major characters:

#StraightOutta geeky meme Shakespeare

Literary agent and author Eric Smith went an entirely different direction, but it’s no less true:

#StraightOutta geeky meme bookshelf space

Twitter user @VABoredWoolf used the meme to avenge Coulson:

#StraightOutta geeky meme Coulson TAHITI

We couldn’t resist making a few of our own!

#StraightOutta geeky meme Starfleet Kirk

#StraightOutta geeky meme Arkham

#StraightOutta geeky meme Daredevil fist bump

#StraightOutta geeky memes Iron Man the cave

Check the #StraightOutta Twitter tag for more hilarious creations.


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