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Tor.com Acquires Novella from Laurie Penny

Our list keeps getting better and better! We’re happy to announce that Tor.com has acquired a new novella from Laurie Penny. The author describers herself as, “in no particular order, a writer, a journalist, a public speaker, an activist, a feminist, a reprobate and a geek.” She is a contributing editor at the New Statesman, a contributor to the Guardian, Vice, The New Inquiry, Salon, and others, and a Berkman Fellow at Harvard University. Her most recent nonfiction book is Unspeakable Things. Laurie Penny’s novella is currently entitled Everything Belongs to the Future. We’re proud to have her on board.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, senior editor at Tor Books, acquired the novella, and had this to say:

“All-round brilliant troublemaker Laurie Penny is one of those people who’s smart and talented in an improbable number of ways. Now it turns out she’s smart and talented at fiction as well. Everything Belongs to the Future is about life extension, privilege, activism, and the costs that don’t show up on balance sheets. It will open your eyes and break your heart.”

We’ve also bought a couple of killer short stories from Laurie which will be appearing on the website in the coming months, so watch the skies.

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