These Pop Culture Charts Will Help You Keep Your Timelines and Sandworms Straight

Over on his Tumblr website, Dan Meth (of Buzzfeed) has created and collected a slew of useful charts to keep your pop culture knowledge from popping at the seams. Though his trilogy chart might start a healthy debate….

Here, we’ve got a helpful size graph for sandworms! Which we all need for reference sometimes, lets be honest. Correctly, the shai-hulud from Dune is the greatest one.

Dan Meth Pop Culture Charts

And then we’ve got a ranking of each film in famous trilogies… we’re guessing that this one will have people talking in comments. How do you find the rankings?

Dan Meth Pop Culture Charts

And then, perhaps our favorite–when sci-fi stories were written/released versus when they are meant to take place:

Dan Meth Pop Culture Charts

Check out more of Dan Meth’s charts over on his website! They’re clever and helpful, which are two of the very best things to be.


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