Turns Out Serenity Valley is Right Next to the Vulcan Planum

The mapping of Pluto and Charon continues, and it’s geekier than ever! Invoking the dark gods was one thing, but now the OurPluto naming campaign has expanded to fit countless geeky references into the surface terrain of both Pluto and its moon. Craters named for Ripley, Leia, Skywalkers, Spock, Sulu! Chasmas tipping their hats to Nostromo, Serenity, the TARDIS! Ah, what a world we live in. io9 has an extensive rundown of the namesakes of all of these spots, and you can feast your eyes on hi-res maps at the OurPluto website.

Afternoon Roundup brings you comic art so good it doesn’t need words, the writer/reader contract, and a shocking suggestion for spy movie storytelling!


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