Be On the Lookout for These Geeky Crochet Friends!

Over at Bored Panda, crocheter Geeky Hooker told the world of a mission to create adorable geeky figures out of yarn. But that’s not even the best part!

Turns out that this Good Samaritan leaves a bunch of these figures hanging around San Diego Comic-Con every year. Keep a lookout, and maybe you’ll find one in 2016!

Crochet Spock

Crochet Leia

Maybe you’ll find this adorable princess (with a weapon).

Crochet Batman and Two-face

Perhaps a caped crusader and a member of his Rogue’s Gallery?

Crochet Baymax

Or a comfy healthcare companion!

Crochet Captain America

And then you always might find this national symbol with his trademark shield….

There are plenty more to coo over on Bored Panda—plus, check out Geeky Hooker’s blog for next year’s batch of crochet surprises!


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