Classic Hollywood Stars Meet Classic Superheroes!

Joe Phillips has already given us unique takes on superheroes with his beefcake Steve Rogers and Superman art. But now he’s going in a bold new direction, casting the greatest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age as an impressive lineup of comics’ finest heroes! Our favorite? Humphrey Bogart as a presumably-even-more-gruff Hellboy, with Peter Lorre taking on the role of Abe Sapien. Throw in Lauren Bacall as Liz Sherman and we have movie heaven!

The fun here is in seeing how Phillips goes in unexpected directions that immediately make sense. Of course Katharine Hepburn is Catwoman—let’s face it, it’s either her or Barbara Stanwyck—but Cary Grant would make a fantastic Batman! He’s already got the rakish playboy act down, but he can turn on the heroics when he needs to; plus, Batman’s moral weight would add a nice depth to his usual style.

Cary Grant as Batman by Joe Phillips

And while we’re not always fans of the “boob-window-as-superhero” wear… well… if anyone’s going to wear one, it should be Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe as Power Girl by Joe Phillips

Naturally Superman needs someone with the proper moral gravitas, and in Golden Age Hollywood, that meant Gregory Peck! Well, or Jimmy Stewart or Henry Fonda, but they’re maybe a little too soft-spoken for Supes. And how perfect is Yul Brynner playing Lex? And Rosalind Russell, bringing all of her His Girl Friday wittiness to Lois Lane? We seriously need a time machine.


On the other end of the spectrum? It’s a crime that Clark Gable never got to be Iron Man. And Bill Robinson would have mad a great Rhodey, too.

Clark Gable is Iron Man by JoePhillips

And as much as we love Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, we think Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman would make excellently sparking Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor…

Elizabeth Taylor as Wonder Woman by Joe Phillips

And finally, holy crap do we want to see this right now:

Danny Kaye as the Joker by Joe Phillips

You can see more of Phillips’ work over at his Facebook page! Plus, these fabulous designs are also available as shirts, for all of your sartorial Golden Age of Hollywood/superheroic mashup needs.

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