X-Men Apocalypse Reveals Its Mutants and Fantastic Four Crossover Plans

Entertainment Weekly has released a bunch of sharp close-up photos of the new X-Men cast from 2016’s  X-Men: Apocalypse. As if that weren’t enough, Yahoo! Movies got director Bryan Singer to talk about his ideas for an X-Men crossover with the Fantastic Four, as well! Take a look below. (Mild spoilers ahead.)

EW also has a basic synopsis for where the characters are at the beginning of the movie, which is set in 1983, 10 years after X-Men Days of Future Past. In summary, Magneto has retired and raised a family, and there are essentially three factions of mutants in the world. The first is Xavier’s school, which is very much an actual school that trains mutants how to control their powers, and doesn’t include any combat training. The second is headed up by Mystique, who continues with her mission from Days of Future Past, helping to rescue mutants from abusive or oppressive situations. The third is Apocalypse himself, who went to sleep thousands of years ago, leaving behind a dominant Egyptian civilization, and who awakens in the movie, seeing hundreds of conflicting countries and peoples that he deems necessary to cull.

The three figureheads form their own groups of mutants, as follows:

Jean Grey
(Havok, possibly)



Check out pictures of the characters — all photos are by Alan Markfield:

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Finally, Yahoo! Movies sat down with director Bryan Singer recently and asked him if the X-Men would ever crossover with Fox’s other Marvel Comics property: the Fantastic Four.

The director revealed that there’s definitely been some thought given to such an event, but that since the X-Men are currently stuck in the 80s there might have to be some time travel involved… Watch the video at Yahoo! movies here.


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