New Favorite Game: Tumblr Creates #OnlyInGotham Hashtag

Tumblr user robinsontheroof has officially come up with our new favorite game, by imagining what social media would be like if you lived in the DC universe.

And the answer is the #OnlyInGotham hashtag.

After deciding that this hashtag would have to exist in Gotham City, robinsontheroof gave a few examples of the kinds of status updates you’d likely see:

#OnlyInGotham Just had to serve starbucks to The Riddler. Spelled his name wrong on purpose.

So Two-Face came into my bakery today. Spend an hour arguing with himself on what to get. wtf. #OnlyInGotham

Lol just saw someone dressed as The Scarecrow, was pretty convincing! #OnlyInGotham
-Dude that guy escaped Arkham this afternoon

Turned on the tv and apparently my psychology professor was arrested for kidnapping and murder… #OnlyInGotham

Someone just commissioned me the weirdest suit ever… It’s green and purple… is it a cosplayer or do I go to the cops? #OnlyInGotham

From valkiirie:

“I just saw Batman help a mother duck and her little ducklings cross the street. That Gordon dude on tv was right, crime really is down. #OnlyInGotham”

And then puffinnoises added:

The Target I work at just stocked these ridiculous question mark decorations. Guess who’s getting robbed tonight. #OnlyInGotham

And from anders-manifesto:

“Just saw Robin doing a handstand outside…on top of my car…#onlyingotham”
-Update: witnessed some grade A parenting when Batman saw him.

And this gem from marywisdom:

just had to deliver pizza to the roof of our building. looks like a slow night for Batgirl and Robin #OnlyInGotham

So, we love this game. Here’s what we came up with:


#OnlyInGotham Penguin just called me a “lady of the evening” at club, can’t decide if it’s hilarious or I’m insulted?

The most hilarious break up happening on my roof right now.
Guy is going off at the woman for not being able to “change her ways” lol.
…wtf, that was totally Batman and Catwoman. #OnlyInGotham

Election week. Taking bets on who gets kidnapped this time. #OnlyInGotham

Was about to yell at some jerk for dropping a cigarette on me from the fire escape.
It was Red Hood. I didn’t say anything. #OnlyInGotham

Alright, everyone, this is great Friday activity—what have you got for us?


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