6 Things We Want to See in the Jurassic World Sequel

After breaking box-office records to become the number 3 top grossing movie, Jurassic World is getting a sequel. Just as the demand for resurrected dinosaurs was high enough to build a theme park in Colin Trevorrow’s fourth installment, the franchise finds a way. And we have some ideas where all of your favorite characters (yes, including Blue) will be in the next Jurassic installment.

Trevorrow will write the script for the as-yet-untitled followup (The Mary Sue suggests Jurassic Universe, which is a decent escalation), and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are returning to play bad-boy raptor whisperer Owen and ice-queen park operations manager Claire. But how will the world have changed, and what will dinosaurs’ place be in it?


Vincent D'Onofrio Jurassic World

Jurassic Military

This is almost a definite, considering how B.D. Wong made off with the dino embryos while Jurassic World was being torn apart by its attractions. Even though Vincent D’Onofrio got his nasty comeuppance, he set the wheels in motion for the notion of governments and corporations taking an interest in dinosaur resurrection, and how these creatures could be weaponized.


Jurassic World zookeeper meme walruses

Owen is a viral sensation

Zookeepers all over the Internet have mimicked his raptor squad method, keeping their chickens, walruses, and fossils in line. Aspiring zookeepers who want their own chance to team up with dinosaurs will be scooped up by a reality show to find the next raptor wrangler!


Bryce Dallas Howard Jurassic World 2 sequel

Claire goes from theme parks to footwear

After getting burned by her own hubris when it comes to dinosaurs, Claire decides to switch tacks. She puts her business know-how and need for control into creating attractive yet functional heels for running from genetically-engineered monsters, or just trying to catch the bus. (Seriously, though, it’s awesome to see an actress sign on for the sequel when so many don’t.)


Chris Pratt baby raptors

Fan art by Manuel Unda

Babies and/or raptors!

Jurassic World put so much weird focus on the next generation that you know Claire and Owen will have procreated by the next movie. Or maybe they’ll decide that the raptors are enough of a handful and be a big, happy, modern family. (Fanart by Manuel Unda and Tumbler user snow-and-frost know exactly what we’re thinking.)


Terminator Skynet machines


Because of course the military will have to build in a failsafe on the off-chance (which always happens) that the dinosaurs get free, and in this case it will be artificial intelligence. After the events of Terminator: Genisys, this is the machines’ next big plan!


Ian Malcolm, Rockstar Mathematician


Come on, we need Ian Malcolm back—we’ve already prepared a presentation for the rockstar mathematician who introduced us to chaos theory. And anyway, Jurassic World proved itself, box office-wise, in case Goldblum were feeling wary.


What are your ideas for Jurassic World 2? Share ’em in the comments!


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