Adrian Tchaikovsky and Fran Wilde Sign with Publishing

We’re just five weeks away from the launch of our first books, but we couldn’t wait to share with you some of the fabulous new authors we’ve signed recently!

Fran Wilde and The Jewel and Her Lapidary

FranWildeAuthorPhoto2015A novella-length high fantasy.

The kingdom in the Valley has long sheltered under the protection of its Jewels and Lapidaries, the people bound to singing gemstones with the power to reshape hills, move rivers, and warp minds. That power has kept the peace and tranquility, and the kingdom has flourished.

Jewel Lin  and her Lapidary Sima may be the last to enjoy that peace.

The Jeweled Court has been betrayed, and as screaming raiders sweep down from the mountains and Lapidary servants shatter under the pressure, the last princess of the Valley will have to take up a strength she’s never known. If she can assume her royal dignity, if Sima can master the most dangerous gemstone in the land, they may be able to survive.

The Jewel and her Lapidary will hit the stores in the spring or summer of next year.


Adrian Tchaikovsky and Spiderlight

Adrian TchaikovskyA novel-length sword and sorcery tale.

The Church of Armes of the Light has battled the forces of Darkness for as long as anyone can remember. The Great Prophecy has foretold that a band of misfits, led by the High Priestess Dion will defeat the Dark Lord Darvezian, armed with their wits, the blessing of the Light and a fang belonging to the spider queen.

Their journey will be long, hard and fraught with danger. Allies will become enemies; enemies will become allies. And the Dark Lord will be waiting…

This book has it all—some fantastic set pieces and a wonderful cast of characters. All the usual suspects are there in our band of merry travelers: the High Priestess, the Mage, the Warriors, the Thief, and the Giant Spider. Wait, what? This is an enormously fun read, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Adrian said, “I’ve wanted for a long time to work with, and I’m absolutely overjoyed that they will be publishing Spiderlight.” As are we, Adrian – as are we!

Spiderlight should be on your Summer 2016 reading list!


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