Interspecies Friendship is Magic in the New Trailer for Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

What if we told you that a mostly nonverbal trailer that ends with a dinosaur and a young caveboy howling like wolves would catch you right in the feels? If you guess that’s because it’s for a new Disney•Pixar movie, you’re probably already tearing up at the new trailer for The Good DinosaurThe first trailer altered history by having the infamous asteroid completely miss wiping out the dinosaurs; now, we find out what happens when they cross paths with furry little humans.

Our protagonist is an apatosaurus named Arlo, who stumbles across a nearly-feral caveboy and strikes up an unlikely—probably, in this world, forbidden—friendship. The trailer pretty clearly telegraphs the lesson of “we can learn from each other,” but there’s something interesting about their dynamic: Arlo seems to act more human, while his new buddy is basically a wild animal. Together, though, they’re super-cute and already tugging on heartstrings.

Get your tissues ready for November 25, when The Good Dinosaur comes to theaters.


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