Warner Bros Releases Official Suicide Squad Trailer

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con saw the major film studios sharing footage, sizzle reels, and trailers for their upcoming properties. However, only some studios released the official footage after the panels, leading to fans leaking shaky videos online amid cries of piracy.

Producer David Ayer, while disappointed with the leaked footage, tweeted that he would make it right—and then released the official trailer.

Rest assured, Amanda “I Put ‘Em in a Hole and Threw Away the Hole” Waller looks fantastic. We get glimpses of each member of the Suicide Squad, including Will Smith’s (as Deadshot) need to say the title of every movie he’s in, and of course Harley Quinn. This does seem to be the Harley Quinn show, with her inexplicably doing acrobatics in her cell, licking the bars, and maybe stripping? Later trailers will likely give us a better idea of what Margot Robbie is doing with the character.

Oh, but you’re here for Jared Leto’s Joker? Don’t worry, he’s here, too—and don’t worry, he’s not gonna kill you…


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