Awesome Dad Conquers Ms. Marvel Cosplay!

G. Willow Wilson shared this tale of the Comicdom’s Greatest Dad! When Captain Milkshake’s daughter wanted to attend the “superhero-themed birthday party for Thor Odinson” as Ms. Marvel, he naturally checked online to find the proper costume. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that while people were selling Sexy Batgirl and Sexy Red Robin as well as a pink (??!!) version of Spider-Girl, there were no Ms. Marvel outfits to be had! The story has the happy-ish ending that after searching multiple thrift shops he was able to create the costume you see here, but he makes the point: “…it’s great that we get to buy cool toys that allow us to shoot silly string webbing from our wrists, or smash things with over sized green fists, but maybe Ms. Marvel Embiggened Fists is what we need to see on the shelves as well as her angry green counterpart’s.”

Morning Roundup checks in with Hannibal‘s RavenStag, sympathizes with poor, battered Bruce Campbell, and disagrees with the relative importance of DeLoreans to phone booths!


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