We’re Not Sure We Want to Be Part of Her World…

Buzzfeed poses a fascinating question: we know Ariel grew up in the temperate Atlantic climate of Atlantica, but what if she had grown up in a more extreme aquatic kingdom? Taking into account that merpeople are probably fictional, we can still apply basic principles of biology to them, so aquatic evolutionary expert Joseph Shaw was able to make some great educated guesses about Coral Reef Ariel, Arctic Ariel, and (our personal favorite) Deep Sea Ariel. As Monique Steele‘s imagining shows us, she’s probably “grown long appendages to provide an enhanced sense of touch” in the utter absence of light, and she possibly developed bioluminescence “to attract potential mates or lure unsuspecting meals!” We got the spirit. You got to hear it. Under the sea.

Morning Roundup brings you a fascinating new lens to use when watching Back to the Future, looks back at 15 years of important television, and discovers the greatest Jurassic Park sequel yet!


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