The Matryoshkas of the Universe!

Andy Stattmiller has found a unique way to honor his pop culture favorites: nesting Matryoshka dolls! He’s Matryoshka’d everything from Avengers to Star Wars to Ghostbusters, but we especially loved the He-Man set for a couple reasons: first, he acknowledges that the show would be nothing without Skeletor. Plus he eschewed boring Man-At-Arms and Teela in favor of She-Ra and Battlecat, and finally, of course teeny-tiny Orko is hiding inside the rest of them. Ugh, Orko. Even as a Matryoshka doll you’re useless.

Morning Roundup brings you a few last moments of Game of Thrones before everyone shuts up about it, a look at Inside Out, and important questions about Dick Tracy!


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