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Spin the Wheel and Preview The Wheel of Time Companion

The story of The Wheel of Time spans fifteen books, but the fantasy world which that story resides within is more complex and detailed than even those books could relate. Only a fraction of what author Robert Jordan imagined ended up on the page, the rest going into his personal files.

On November 3, The Wheel of Time Companion encyclopedia will open those files, but you can get a sneak peek now.

Harriet McDougal, former Editorial Director of Tom Doherty Associates and Robert Jordan’s wife and editor, editorial assistants Alan Romanczuk and Maria Simons, Tor Books, and will be previewing portions of The Wheel of Time Companion leading up to its big November release date. But with over a thousand entries, portraits, and miscellany in the Companion, how do we choose which ones to preview?

Well, we don’t. You do!

Every few weeks Wheel of Time fans and readers will get a chance to SPIN THE WHEEL. Here’s how it works: Leave one comment in this “Spin the Wheel” post with the Companion encyclopedia entry that you’d like to see revealed. (Such as “Aginor” or “Eelfinn” or “sniffing.”) We will close the thread for this post at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, June 19 and randomly select a comment using a random number generator. The entry specified in that comment will be revealed the following week!

Please leave only one comment. There will be further Spin the Wheel opportunities, we promise, as well as other surprises to come! Team Jordan also reserves the right to RAFO an entry that has been selected, in which case another comment will be selected.

Watch for more Wheel of Time Companion and Spin the Wheel coverage through this tag. Now let’s spin!

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