American Gods is Coming to Television!

We’re one step closer to living in the Fullerverse! Starz has picked up the pilot of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green writing, showrunning, and executive producing. And if you think maybe we’re doing a bit of a Muppet flail right now, well, you’re completely correct.

Variety reported the deal, saying that the “series production would be contingent on casting of the lead role, Shadow Moon.” Neil Gaiman weighed in to say that he is “thrilled, ‎scared, delighted, nervous and a ball of glorious anticipation. The team that is going to bring the world of ‘American Gods’ to the screen has been assembled like the master criminals in a caper movie: I’m relieved and confident that my baby is in good hands” while Bryan Fuller highlighted the team’s religious diversity at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, saying, “I was raised Catholic, (Michael Green) was raised Jewish, so we both have fascination with these great mythological stories, so we were talking over lunch one day about how we both want to work together again on something, then American Gods came up …”

Oh, and just in case you’re worried about the infamous Bilquis scene? Here’s more from the wonderful Mr. Fuller:

There’s so much of that book that is a story of Shadow and Wednesday, and our approach is almost anthological — but we wouldn’t tell the network ‘anthological’ — in that we get to see Bilquis, who we see eat a man with her vagina in one chapter of the book and is never seen or heard from again, she’s a main character. We get to tell stories that start 5000 years ago in ancient Babylonia and then see how she came to the modern day.”

While the epic scope of the book will certainly lend itself well to today’s novelistic television style, we’re also intrigued to see how they’re planning to update the fifteen-year-old tech. Presumably Shadow won’t still be looking for pay phones to use, and it’ll be much more difficult to get off the grid, but are they also going to update characters like The Technical Boy? And will this version of the story feature more Asian gods and goddesses?

And speaking of that, you may remember that a few months ago, Fuller stated explicitly that he would only go ahead with the adaptation if he was able to honor the diversity of AG’s cast, and to that end, Starz is launching an unusual social media campaign. They’re welcoming fans of the book to send them their dream casts via Twitter, under the hashtag #CastingShadow. But before you head over there with you picks, let us know: who do you want to see playing Shadow, Laura, and Wednesday? Which character should Fuller hand directly to Lee Pace? Actually, could the entire cast of Hannibal just do American Gods as their side gigs,cause that would be great, too! Which other gods do you want to see? There are so many possibilities!


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