Mad Max: Fury Road My Little Pony Figures Are Magical

We’re surprised it took this long for someone to modify My Little Pony figures into Mad Max: Fury Road characters, but artist Kelsey Wailes‘ work was worth the wait. The details are just excellent, from the distressed manes (some buzzed) and tails to Furiosa’s arm to the fact that Immortan Joe was already wearing a horse-teeth mask. (Hat tip to Nerd Approved for spotting these!) And the bug seems to be catching, with one person modding a Barbie doll (it’s her best look yet) and another constructing a fan-made Funko POP! Furiosa that needs to sit in the driver’s seat on all of our desks.

Afternoon Roundup welcomes the return of the Mockingjay, dissects dragons (well, the next closest thing), and hails King Macbeth.

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