We Want More of This Homage to Hayao Miyazaki!

If we could live in any world, it would be a Hayao Miyazaki world. But a Miyazaki world that also includes just a hint of legendary designers Syd Mead and Mœbius? Well, that’s just an embarrassment of imaginary world riches. French animation student Gwenn Germain has created just such a world, told a complete story, and homaged the heck out of Miyazaki all in under three minutes in his short, “Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux”. The short, created for his final project at Créapole, features the reverence for nature and sense of looming ecological disaster common to early Miyazaki works, along with some scenes that celebrate the sheer joy of flight…and that’s all before you get to the character in the Mononoke Hime mask. We don’t just want to see this as a feature, we want to live in this movie.

Check it out below!

So, can we get a full film of this, now, please? You can see more of Germain’s work here, and here, and read more about his influences here!



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