Announcing the Spectrum 22: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art Award Recipients

The Spectrum 22 awards were presented May 23 at a gala celebration at the Folly Theater in Kansas City, MO as part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.

This year’s jury consisted of Justin Gerard, Virginie Ropars, Greg Ruth, Annie Stegg Gerard, and Dice Tsutsumi, and determined Silver and Gold recipients in eight categories. The Spectrum Advisory Board also selected the 2015 Grand Master Honoree.

Please join us in congratulating all of the finalists and recipients!


Taylor Wessling Barbarians Faust

Yuko Shimizu Tokyo Night Show


GOLD: Taylor Wessling—Barbarians: Faust
SILVER: Yuko Shimizu—Tokyo Night Show


  • Johnny Dombrowski—Murder on the Orient Express
  • Edward Kinsella III—Vernacchio
  • Victo Ngai—The Cloisters


Dan dos Santos Taking Flight

Scott Gustafson Sleeping Giant


GOLD: Dan dos Santos—Taking Flight
SILVER: Scott Gustafson—Jack and the Sleeping Giant


  • Jeffrey Alan Love—Radiant State
  • Petar Meseldžija—The Giants are Coming
  • Sam Weber—cover for Dune by Frank Herbert


Audrey Benjaminsen Bernadette page 1

Alex Alice Castle in the Stars


GOLD: Audrey Benjaminsen—Bernadette, page 1
SILVER: Alex Alice—Castle in the Stars


  • David Palumbo—The Beast
  • James Turner—Rebel Angels
  • Tula Lotay—Rebels


Sung Choi The Parade

Audrey Benjaminsen Fairy

Concept Art

GOLD: Sung Choi—The Parade
SILVER: Audrey Benjaminsen—Fairy 3


  • Te Hu—Wonders: Gate of Luxor
  • Kellan Jett—Meeting
  • Allen Williams—The Good Dog


Forest Rogers Venetian Harpy

David Silva Dragon vs Raptors


GOLD: Forest Rogers—Venetian Harpy
SILVER: David Silva—Dragon vs. Raptors


  • Dan Chudzinski—The Mudpuppy
  • Mark Newman—Gallevarbe: Death’s Siren
  • Dug Stanat—A Bird From His Brim Will Guide Your Last Breath


Tran Nguyen A Distressed Damsel

Sam Bosma Critical Education


GOLD: Tran Nguyen—A Distressed Damsel
SILVER: Sam Bosma—Critical Education


  • Jensine Eckwall—This Circle: Walking Into The Wind
  • Edward Kinsella III—Gland Monster
  • Victo Ngai—Cocoon


Rovina Cai Fake It

Laurie Lee Brom Bad Seed


GOLD: Rovina Cai—Fake It
SILVER: Laurie Lee Brom—Bad Seed


  • Ed Binkley—Rikshaw Pass
  • Jeffrey Alan Love—Skyrim
  • Jessica Shirley—The Child Sleeps


Cynthia Sheppard Momentum

Paul Bonner Beowulf Mother


GOLD: Cynthia Sheppard—Momentum
SILVER: Paul Bonner—Beowulf: Mother


  • Donato Giancola—Descent from Caradhras
  • Rebecca Léveillé Guay—Time and Chance
  • Omar Rayyan—A Night at the Races


Grand Master Award: Scott Gustafson

Scott Gustafson


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