Their Love is Real: R2-D2 Avenges His Counterpart in Epic Photoshoot

This riveting series of action figure photographs that we found on Imgur correctly communicates what will happen to anyone who dares lay a finger (or a blaster bolt) on R2-D2’s shining golden friend.

…Wait, does he have arms? BIG MUSCLED ARMS?!!?

This series, posted by Capinron tugged at our heartstrings in just… the weirdest possible way. See the story for yourself.

3PO defending R2's life, Capinron Imgur

“Oh dear, I’m terribly sorry about this but–R2! Get out of the way!”

3PO defending R2's life, Capinron Imgur

“Beep boop? Beep…”

R2 RAGE, Capinron, Imgur


R2's got this, Capinron, Imgur

“It’s okay, baby. I got this. Let’s get you to a nice medical frigate with a spare parts bay.”

Should we not be teary over this? Because we’re kinda teary, not gonna lie. But also baffled. We’re teary and baffled. It’s Friday, so that’s probably normal.


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