Redesign Bug Fix Update

Pe’el! BIpIv’a’?* The redesigned is now into its second week of life and we’ve been pretty busy behind the curtain fixing bugs and functionality issues. While we’re still working hard on fixes, here’s an update on the progress made so far.

  • Conversation tracking: We’ve heard your feedback on restoring conversation tracking and are working to get that back as soon as we can. [Update 6/30: Based on your feedback we have prioritized the return of the “conversations” page. We plan to have that completed by the end of July.]
  • RSS feeds: Apologies to our regular subscribers for the brief interruption. All the RSS feeds should be back up, with full content. We’re still working on a bug in some of the new series feeds.
  • Comments: These should be fixed now. Please let us know in the thread below if you are still experiencing disappearing comments; having problems with preview; or seeing discrepancies between the sidebar and comments in the post, or errors with the “new comments” button.
    • Important: Don’t check for new comments while you’re still writing yours. It will reload the page and your comment will be lost like Thorin’s wish for a restored dwarf kingdom.
      • (Too soon?)
  • Login: The site should remember you through multiple browser sessions. Please let us know if you are being logged out.
  • Broken links for stories: All of our old links should now be working smoothly, including stories.

Please continue to let us know what you think, and if you encounter any new or persistent functionality errors. Comment here or in the original welcome thread so that we don’t miss anyone’s feedback.

*Klingon, we hope, for “Enter! Are you healthy?”


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