Behold the Many Pets of!

The staff of are a mysterious bunch, to the outside world, to each other, and even to themselves. (At least one of them is probably a figment of our collective imagination.) (Carl.) But one aspect of life that you can find them being mercifully normal about is their pets.

Most of them have pets! And they’re all adorable. Behold, gathered here for the first time, the pets of Tor! Dot! Com!

Irene Gallo, Creative Director and Associate Publisher loves:

Cat with pearl earring (Nuala).


Rex the Terrible.


Fiona and Greg Manchess.


Fallon in the woods.


Chris Lough, Production Manager, loves:

His boy Iorek Kittenson.


And his floofy sister Lyra Silverfur.



Bridget McGovern, Managing Editor, loves:

Max, the Destroyer of Worlds. He enjoys belly rubs, knocking over coffee cups, and feet-biting, and cannot abide humans who prefer reading books to petting cats. He will sleep on your face whenever possible. Just accept it.



Emmet Asher-Perrin, bionic Staff Writer, loves:

Archer, space explorer. (No, but he’s actually named after Enterprise‘s Captain Archer because the dude loved beagles so much that he took one to space, and this tiny dude is half-beagle.) He is a cuddle bug who must be pet AT ALL TIMES. Also, he hops when he runs, like a bunny.

Archer the pup


Jamie Stafford-Hill, Designer at Large, loves:

The curious Rugby. She’s a 15 year old runty mutt-cat who specializes at sleeping in warm places and jumping from high places at exactly the wrong time.



Leah Schnelbach, immortal Staff Writer, loves:

Cherry! 17-year-old unholy mixture of chihuahua, pug, and demon. She is currently the Greatest Dog On The Planet. She sneezes when she’s happy.



Sarah Tolf, Production Assistant, loves:

Molloy Evelyn Tubbington, who was the first cat ever appointed Postmaster General; his tenure was marked by scores of undelivered packages, primarily because the boxes were deemed “perfect for sits.” Now retired, he resides with his human in Brooklyn where he continues his research into the perfect napping locations.



Natalie Zutter, Staff Writer, loves:

Cid, named for the Final Fantasy character. In place of a tail, he has a little nubbin that won’t stop wagging when he’s excited. Cid enjoys morning snuggles and chicken.


Also Dolce, whose nicknames include (but are not limited to): Muffin, Bunny, Schmoopy, Li’l Bear, Sweet Girl, Little Dinosaur… If she sneezes on and/or licks you, she likes you. If you want to drive her crazy, tell her to howl.



Christine Foltzer, Imprint Art Director, loves:

Moritz, who might look smug and lazy but he is actually a master rogue. With dexterity and charisma he can get through any door, box, or personal guard. Your ham sandwiches are never safe when he is near.



And Max, aka Admiral Muttonchops, rules the household with his big eyes and long, luxurious whiskers. Cuteness is his super power but catnip is his kryptonite.



Mordicai Knode, Imprint Marketing Manager, loves:

Gojo, who was a rescue, found by me in the forests outside of the haunted dungeon city Xuchotil. A carnivorous stegosaurus, she is suspected to be ultimately responsible for the K-T extinction event.



Carl Engle-Laird, enigma, loves:

Tufty the Cat.

It watches.



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