Does the Suicide Squad Cast Photo Look More Like a Metal Band or a CW Show?

Those of you who were worried about the tone of Suicide Squad set by that photo of the Joker… should still be worried. David Ayer tweeted out this group shot of the cast, which doesn’t give us a lot of hope for the movie. The A.V. Club already nailed it with the yearbook jokes, but we’re split: We can’t tell if they’re supposed to be a Slayer Slipknot cover band who were too cheap to get the masks, or the alternately grinning and broody young cast of this summer’s hottest new teen dramedy?

There are too many people in this photo, and not even the ones we want to see—namely, the Joker and Amanda Waller. And why does Harley Quinn look like she just came from roller derby practice? (Which is probably where she ripped that one random spot on her shirt.) Her costume looks very “Harley Quinn off-hours,” though it’s also clearly pulled inspiration from the video game versions. Seriously, her outfit in the New 52 comics or even the Hot Topic underoos would have been a better choice.

But really, the whole cast is underwhelming. Here’s hoping they officially announce Amanda Waller (Viola Davis has been all-but-confirmed, no official word from Warner Bros yet though) and get their collective crap together. Because we want to like a superhero take on The Expendables and want it to be elevated above that quality and more on the level of The Fast and the Furious. But they’ve got to meet us halfway.

What do you think of the first look at the Suicide Squad?


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