is Open to Novella Submissions!’s novella program is once again open to unsolicited submissions! For the next month, Lee Harris and I will be reading and evaluating original novellas submitted by hopeful authors to You can find full guidelines here, and we highly recommend you read the guidelines before submitting, but you can also check below the cut for a brief summary of what we’re looking for. is looking for complete, original science fiction and fantasy stories of between 30,000 and 40,000 words. We are seeking stories with commercial appeal that take advantage of the particular strengths of the novella format. We will consider stories that are slightly shorter than 30,000 and slightly longer than 40,000, but we won’t look at anything under 17,500 words. For all shorter stories, please submit to’s Original Short Fiction program, which you can find guidelines for here.

At this time, we are particularly seeking science fictional novellas of all varieties. Lee Harris is particularly interested in space opera, time travel thrillers and interesting new approaches to classic science fiction themes, while Carl Engle-Laird is seeking near-future science fiction and technothrillers that trace their lineage from cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk, as well as space operas with the sense of grandeur and mystery that remind readers of the closeness between space opera and fantasy. We will also be happy to accept fantasy and urban fantasy stories, though we will be prioritizing the SF submissions.

In addition, both Lee Harris and Carl Engle-Laird actively request submissions from writers from underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited to, writers of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class and physical or mental ability. We believe that good science fiction and fantasy reflects the incredible diversity and potential of the human species, and hope our catalog will reflect that.


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