Meet Doctor Doom in the New Fantastic Four Trailer

The second Fantastic Four trailer is here! And it fills in some of the gaps from the first trailer, showing us how Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm wind up traveling to an alternate dimension, getting zapped with body-changing powers, and opening a door they don’t know how to close. Plus, we get our first glimpse of the fledgling team’s nemesis, Doctor Doom.

But before he’s their nemesis, it appears that Doom starts out as part of the original team. That scruffy actor you see sitting in the lab with Reed Richards (Miles Teller), claiming that Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) doesn’t take orders well? That’s Toby Kebbell, who was cast as Doom. He’s clearly suited up to join the interdimensional mission… on the other planet/realm, someone falls into a chasm, Bucky Barnes-style… and later we hear a doctor saying, “Four survived.” We know who those four are, but clearly there’s another survivor who’s been altered beyond recognition.

Kebbell himself told outlets that this iteration of Doctor Doom is programmer Victor Domashev, who takes on the online handle of “Doom.” But judging from this trailer, he starts out with some sort of relationship to Richards and co., not unlike the 2005 Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four comes to theaters August 7.


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