Final Jurassic World Trailer Highlights the Downside of Genetically Engineered Dinosaurs

Sure, there’s Chris Pratt’s raptor gang, and he brings plenty of snark (and the tight henleys) here, but the global Jurassic World trailer is more concerned with explaining exactly why we should be concerned about attending a dinosaur theme park.

Seem as though the scientists at Jurassic World decided that genetically modifying some dinosaurs would be a cool way to get more butts in seats. As we know, this rarely goes well for humanity.

Chris Pratt has decided that “his way” is the only way to stop the giant doom dinosaur which we kinda saw coming, given his whole “no one understands little woobie dinosuars but me” schtick. So let’s do this, people! June 12th. Bring your raptor herd.


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