Why Can’t We Know Love Like They Know Love?!?

In a rough and self-loathing-centric but also very true and vulnerable kind of way?!?

SpoilerTV has set pics from Jessica Jones, which is currently filming in NYC, and captured these great images of Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones and Mike Colter as Luke Cage being exactly as they are in the Alias maxi-series and oh god, my heart, I can’t.

There are also set pics of David Tennant in his Purple Man get-up, now featuring Tenth Doctor-style hair. Which also means the Tenth Doctor is probably wandering around New York City as I type this, wondering where to get a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. And I’m gonna tell him what I tell everyone: You gotta put the work in. Find that one place in your neighborhood that does it well and stick with them forever.


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