New Ant-Man Trailer Finally Shows Off Ant-Man’s Powers

What with its hard-to-take-seriously premise (a man can shrink down to the size of an ant to fight crime) and troubled production schedule, Marvel’s Ant-Man hasn’t looked too encouraging. But at least the latest trailer actually shows us what thief-turned-superhero Scott Lang can do once he is gifted with Hank Pym’s shrinking technology.

Through visuals we probably would have been better off seeing in the first trailer, Ant-Man shrinks down to the size of his namesakes, but shares their superhuman strength against people hundreds of times his size. This leads to scenes like Ant-Man facing off against Yellowjacket during a high-stakes train chase scene… which we realize is actually on a child’s Thomas the Tank Engine set.

That, and the cheeky exchange between Hank and Scott (“My days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over. What do you want me to do?” “I want you to break into a place and steal some stuff.”), provide some much-needed levity. But we may have seen the movie’s two best jokes already.

Watch the trailer for yourself:

Ant-Man scurries into theaters July 17.


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