Afternoon Roundup: The Iron Throne is A Red Herring!

ThinkGeek has come through once again! Game of Thrones Clue will provide you and your friends with hours of murder, intrigue… and fun! This game is good for 3-47 players, and a good game will probably take a whole evening. Check out this handy guide, and maybe stock up on some Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel to drink on game night!

April 1st can be a challenging day on the Internet. It is a day when we ask ourselves “What is real?” even more often than usual. A day for pranks, japes, tomfoolery, and general wariness on Reddit boards. In the interest of helping you make the most of this day, we present: The Greatest Geek April Fool’s Jokes Ever!!! (That We’ve Found So Far). Enjoy!


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