Now You Can Join the Clone Club with the Orphan Black Fashion Collection

So, you love Orphan Black, and you’ve already snatched up the Funko Smart POP figurines of the Clone Club to join you in your season 3 viewing party. And you know without thinking about it which clone you are, right? (Helena when you’re on a sugar high, Alison when you’re feeling crafty.) Well, here’s your chance to dress up as any and all of Project Leda’s offspring.

Goth-turned-geek retailer Hot Topic’s Orphan Black collection carries wonderfully-detailed outfits for Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and Helena, plus plenty of Orphan Black-themed jewelry and accessories. Though really, no one would blame you for mixing and matching, because maybe you like Sarah’s moto leggings and Helena’s wedding dress and Alison’s cardigan with gun stitching (so good) and Cosima’s skull/helix scarf.

Hot Topic Orphan Black collection Cosima

Hot Topic Orphan Black collection Helena

The attention to detail in these pieces is fantastic: Each clone gets her own design, from scary little stick figures to glue-gun gingham to double helixes. “The detail in each clone’s outfit is so tied to her character and personality that you have to look more than once to catch everything,” explained Cindy Levitt, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing at Hot Topic.

No Rachel, Beth, or Tony on this go-round, it seems. But who knows—maybe they’ll bring in more characters!

Hot Topic Orphan Black collection Alison

Hot Topic Orphan Black collection Sarah

Check out the video to see the full looks in action. The pieces range from $15 to $50—there’s your Clone Club group Halloween costume, right there!

You can preorder online now. The collection will be available April 13, right before the season 3 premiere.

[via Fashionably Geek]


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