Update: The X-Files Is (Definitely!) Reopening Soon!

Update: Chris Carter has confirmed that the show is returning as a six episode miniseries! While there’s no premiere date yet, filming will begin this summer.

The shadowy conspiracy to bring us more X-Files is coming out into the light! David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have agreed to reprise their roles as Mulder and Scully, Chris Carter will be writing and executive producing, and Fox is close to greenlighting the show! However, there’s an interesting twist in the details…

Apparently, the new season of the show will be embracing a relatively new trend in American television. According to Comicbook.com (and now confirmed by Entertainment Weekly), the series will run for six episodes. This is potentially great news! A short season will be much easier for the actors to schedule, obviously, but even more importantly, an intense arc will encourage Chris Carter to keep the show stay tight and focused, rather than getting lost in the byzantine plotlines of later seasons. Imagine a ten-episode arc where Mulder and Scully have to solve one supernatural crime or fight one particular secret government agency, rather than hacking away at a gorgon of rumors, theories, and Flukemen? Perhaps, for the first time in their FBI careers, they’ll yield results and actually arrest somebody!

As if that wasn’t promising enough, they’ve reached out to Mitch Pileggi, which means we may see the triumphant return of SKINNER’S FIST. So what do you think? Will Mulder and Scully still have a place in our hyper-paranoid United States? Will the inevitable alien invasion really be that bad? And are there any monsters-of-the-week left to chase, or did the Winchester boys get them all?


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