Afternoon Roundup: We’re So Glad These Lucas Lee Movie Posters Exist

Chris Evans was one of the best parts of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, as growly movie star Lucas Lee. And such range! In these fake movie posters, he’s a Nicholas Sparks-caliber hero in Let’s Hope There’s a Heaven; the most dangerous physician you’ve ever met in Action Doctor (“The good news is… you are going to live. The bad news is he is going to kill you.”); and our personal favorite, clutching a telephone wire in the time travel action thriller You Just Don’t Exist.

Even cooler: A Redditor noticed that each of the movie titles are the names of Plumtree songs—Plumtree being the band who wrote the song that Scott Pilgrim itself was inspired by!

Afternoon Roundup brings you hypothetical fantasy series board games, the cover of Aliette de Bodard’s new book, and George R.R. Martin’s con schedule (or lack thereof).


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