Celebrating Women in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art

If you’re an art director looking for new talent or a fan who’s ready for an explosion of amazing sights, check out the new blog, Women in Fantastical Art.

Orgianizer Leesha Hannigan states, “I wanted to put together a gallery featuring work submitted by women in fantasy & sci-fi, to showcase some of the incredible diversity and range of wonderful styles I have come across.”

Women in Fantastical Art was created, in part, as a reaction to a number of controversies dealing with the roles of women in the illustration community, and within SFF art in particular. In a field where women are often marginalized as professionals, and diminished on canvas, it’s wonderful to see this as a celebration of the artwork created by women and a useful tool for hiring artists.

Here are just a few highlights:


Karla Ortiz


Kirsten Zirngibl


Sam Guay


Crystal Sully


Rovina Cai


Ellen Barkin Söderholm


Michelle Papadopoulos


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