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Rocket Talk, Episode 47: Renay Williams and “The G” Talk Hugo Predictions

This week’s show features Renay Williams, of Lady Business, and the G, of Nerds of a Feather. Justin asks them about their views on the Hugo Award generally, before the trio embarks on a game of predictions for various Hugo categories.

Renay Williams blogs at Lady Business and Strange Horizons, and co-hosts The Fangirl Happy Hour podcast. She’s the co-editor of Speculative Fiction 2014, and a committee chair for the Organization of Transformative Works. Find her on Twitter @renay.

“The G” is the overlord of the popular blog, Nerds of a Feather. He lives in California. There is literally no other information about him that can be shared. Find him on Twitter @nerds_feather.

Rocket Talk, Episode 47 (1:13:53)

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Episode 47: Renay Williams and the G

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