Your Emotions Go to Imagination Land in the New Inside Out Trailer

The latest trailer for Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out, like the others, looks wonderfully charming. Amy Poehler leads the pack as Joy, the lead emotion in young Riley’s head, who along with Sadness gets hurtled out into some in-between space. It’s not the real world, but their absence from “headquarters” leaves their young charge prone to some drastic mood swings.

Watching Joy and Sadness tromp (with Riley’s core memories in tow) through Imagination Land is not unlike The LEGO Movie’s Cloud Cuckoo Land, though with a unicorn instead of Princess Unikitty. And the way that the presence or absence of emotions dictates Riley’s life brings to mind Wreck-It Ralph’s tenuous video-game-world infrastructure. This movie seems basically guaranteed to push all your buttons, so get ready:

Inside Out comes to theaters June 19.


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