Saturday Night Live‘s Thor Wants You to Check Out His Podcast

No need to see Avengers: Age of Ultron—Thor and the rest of the Avengers already beat down Ultron’s robot army! Well, according to Saturday Night Live’s sketch, in which a local news reporter catches up with the superhero team after they’ve eradicated the suit of armor around the world Tony created (and trashed Washington, D.C. in the process).

It’s a decent sketch, mostly for Hemsworth goofing around instead of his usual brief, sly humor. The SNL cast members standing in for various Avengers are forgettable, with the exception of Taran Killam’s gum-chomping and deadpan delivery as Tony Stark. (But where was Black Widow? Or Killam’s wife Cobie Smulders, a.k.a. Agent Maria Hill?)

Props to SNL for keeping up with canon, with Thor giving a shout-out to “my ex, Jane.” There’s also a fun Nick Fury moment—watch it all here:

You can watch Hemsworth’s whole episode here.


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