Doctor Who Season 9 Villain and Episode Titles Revealed |

Doctor Who Season 9 Villain and Episode Titles Revealed

As we knew, Doctor Who season 9 is kicking off with a two-parter—but now we know the episode titles and who’s coming back! Radio Times reports that the first two episodes of the new season will be “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar,” written by Steven Moffat and directed by Hettie MacDonald, who directed “Blink.”

The article also confirmed this season’s villain…! Spoilers for the end of season 8 and beginning of season 9.







Missy/The Master is back! Technically Michelle Gomez already told fans she was returning a few months ago, but now it’s been confirmed. Now we know for sure that she’ll be appearing in the season opener two-parter, and we got this quote from Moffat:

Everybody hide—Michelle Gomez as Missy was an instant hit last year, so she’s straight back to plague the Doctor and Clara in the series opener. But what brings her back into their lives is the last thing they’d expect.

Missy also announced her own return in an odd little video that has her nonchalantly munching an apple—a seemingly insignificant gesture, though a commenter pointed out that an apple a day keeps someone away…

Missy The Master Michelle Gomez Doctor Who season 9

Another familiar face is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (Jemme Redgrave), last seen in “Death in Heaven.” Now, if only the BBC would give us an actual premiere date!


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