Afternoon Roundup: These Are the Astronauts We’re Looking For

The crew of NASA’s International Space Station Expedition 45 have debuted their official portrait, and it is just the best. Not only is this crew—two astronauts from NASA, one from Japan, and three Russian cosmonauts—exploring the stars, but they’re bringing the Force to the rest of the galaxy. They really doubled down on the geekiness here, and it is wonderful.

It turns out that NASA has a history of making silly parody posters, recreating The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. Click to enlarge, and check out the hi-res version to zoom in on even nerdier Easter eggs, like their different-colored lightsabers and the satellite that resembles an X-wing.

Afternoon Roundup brings you the star of the next Stephen King movie, news on the Frozen musical, and the location of Super Mario World.


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